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The Egyptian minister of interior, Major General Habīb al- ‘Ādlī, has submitted a memorandum to the Administrative Judicial Court, calling for the dismissal of the lawsuits filed by 150 Copts, who embraced Islam and afterwards decided to convert back to Christianity, and accusing the converts of...
Changing the statute will not help in political reform because it contains many contradictions, the author argues, and modifications to the statute aim only at the interest of the president not the political parties.
A lot of arguments have been made concerning possible amendments to the Egyptian constitution. Any attempt to modify this constitution must abolish article no. 2, according to ‘Ādil Jundī, which faces much criticism from Copts and others.
An article about the Muslim Brotherhood’s intent to establish a state that has a religious, and not civil nature, and the attitude of the Muslim Brotherhood towards the Copts.
The author cannot understand how debating an article of the constitution should jeopardize people’s faiths and beliefs. However, some groups insist that questioning the second article of the constitution would lead to a ‘blood bath’ in Egypt.
The author explores the historic and political context into which the text naming Islamic sharica as the main source of legislation within Egypt was introduced.
The report issued by the State Council commission, which confirmed the Islamic sharī‘a as the main legislative source according to the third [Editor: should be second] article of the constitution, has provoked positive reactions among the political coulisses. The report also stated that the...
The problems Copts face in fact date back to the Ottoman era, where there was a law organizing the construction of churches, while others involve certain practices in violation of the 40th article that that provides for equality in the eyes of the law regardless individuals’ religions.
Khul´a is divorce upon the request of the wife]
A member of parliament asked for a modification of the articles about committing adultery in the current Penal Law. He asked for an equal punishment of husbands and wifes and those who killed their unfaithful partners after they had been betrayed [the concept of honor killing]. But the Mufti...


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