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The author discusses the recent cases of Christians who converted to Islam and wish to re-convert to Christianity. He wonders at what point freedom of belief ends and discrimination begins.
The article discusses the triumph of a few Copts who were permitted to re-convert to Christianity, having originally converted to Islam. The author criticizes the double standard in how easy it is to embrace Islam, yet how difficult it is to embrace Christianity.
Charles Fuʾād al-Miṣrī interviews ʿĀdlī Abādīr Yūsuf (Eng.) and discuss Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt.
During the Egyptian Association for Dialogue’s conference, Muslim scholars welcomed decreeing a law to organize the construction of houses of worship using equal standards in Egypt.
Dr. Mustafá al-Fiqī stressed that Islam is an integrated religion and suitable for all ages and all people throughout the world.
Fahmī Huwaydī believes that debates over the second article of the Constitution have left a negative impact on Muslim-Coptic relations. He denounces requests made by key church figures about changing this article, believing they aim to removing Islam from public life in Egypt which has provoked...
Fahmī Huwaydī discusses the suggested changes to the Egyptian Constitution and different reactions toward the idea of using Islām as the main source of legalization for the country.
The idea proposed by the Minster of Awqaf [Religious Endowment] Dr. Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq inspired wide-scale reactions among Muslim scholars and the public. Many conservative Muslims did not like the idea of unifying the Azan, likely because it is so radically different from what people are used...
[Khul‘‘ is wife?s request for divorce in return for the dowry and gifts she had received from him]. Pope Shenouda expressed his satisfaction at the fact that the court rejected the khula? request of a Coptic wife. He said that the decision was based on the teachings of Christianity and reflected...
Majdī Khalīl categorizes the Coptic issues handled by the Egyptian press and media and into eight categories, and evaluates this handling.


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