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After the Muslim Brotherhood announced their plan to change the ‘banned’ group into a legal political party, many voices were raised in an evaluation of the group’s role in the political life throughout its history.
‘Abīr Salāh al- Dīn discusses a recent fatwá concerning the wife’s right to prevent her husband from traveling.
This review discusses political responses to Fārūq Husnī’s controversial statements on the Ḥijāb.
Islamic intellectual Jamāl al-Bannā states that his late brother Hasan al-Bannā, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood group, was in leadership similar to Communist leader Lenin. At the same time, he calls to remove the second article of the Egyptian constitution, which stipulates Islām...
The Supreme Constitutional Court decided to abolish the decree of the Minister of Interior which made it necessary for the husband to agree to his wife traveling abroad as a prerequisite to issue her a passport. In addition, it canceled the Presidential decree which entitled the Minister of...
The recommendations of a seminar on amending the Egyptian constitution called for amending article 2 of the Egyptian Constitution, after failing to achieve an agreement to omit it.
The largest spiritual gathering in France was held recently to show Westerners that not all Arabic speakers are Muslim and that there are a significant number of Christians in the Middle East too.
The Coptic Orthodox church restricts freedom and nobody is allowed to express his or her opinion, to object or to disagree. Whoever dares to do so is expelled from the church and deprived of exercising church rites, which violates the constitution.
Dr. Muhammad ‘Imarah writes about the reasons behind the success of the Islamic state.
Dr. ‘Alī Jumu‘ah mentions the sources of Islamic legislation.


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