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The Arab-West Report database contains a multimedia (video, text, and image) archive of our 2017 conference: Development of Sustainable Water Management for Agriculture in Egyptian Oases; The Example of Abu Sherouf, Siwa. 
The Arab-West Report Database houses a collection of text based reporting on Siwa Oasis, its history, culture, and people. 
Siwa [Sīwah] is an oasis in Egypt, between the Qattara Depression and the Egyptian Sand Sea in the Western Desert. The oasis is populated by Berber-speaking Sudanic peoples and it lies approximately 50km east of the Libyan border, and 560km west from Cairo. 
In defiance of his own nation’s restrictions, Cornelis Hulsman, Drs. not only went to Siwa, he invited international student interns, Egyptian nationals, media professionals, and just about everyone else in Egypt to travel with him. “Western travel advice to Siwa is insane,” said Hulsman, the...
During my time in Siwa I happened to find myself diving into the unique local cultural heritage and a society, abundant in distinct customs, traditions andan own particular language called Siwias being the descendants of the Berbers, North Africa´s original inhabitants. 
“I really wanted to stay longer but a fellow student called me to return to Cairo since work at university had started. This was a most unusual trip that I had. It is an important experience that I really recommend to others. It is like a full self development and increasing your knowledge...
Ten years. I have not been to one of my favorite places in the world in ten years. Yet Siwa Oasis, the little jewel of Egypt’s Western Desert, still looms big and fresh in my memory.
Last week a group from Matrouh town council started to demolish a building owned by the Holy Virgin Church in Matrouh.
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