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According to what Pope Tawāḍrūs II announced, the number of Christians in Egypt as of now has reached 15 million in addition to another two million living abroad in 60 different countries across the world.  Christians make up close to 15% of the Egyptian people.  Despite these large numbers, their...
Security Sources stated that ISIS entered into Sinai and committed several beheadings to instill fear in people’s hearts. 
The article talks about the chaos of Fatwás being issued on TV by a number of unofficial Muftīs. It also mentions the statement of the Islamic Research Academy regarding these Fatwás which marks the end of the satellite Fatwás.
The author comments on the Muslim Brotherhood’s control over the political and social life in Egypt.
The authors delve into the role of the family, school and street in developing the fear of expressing oneself openly and promoting a unilateral culture.
In the second emission of the interview with Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyib, the former Muftīī of Egypt discusses the Ḥijāb and Niqāb referring that there are far much serious issues that Muslims need to be occupied with instead. He refers to some foreign powers that try to attract Egypt Muslims by their...
Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyib, chancellor of the Azhar University and former Muftī of Egypt, expressed his anxiety about what is going on with fatwá’s in an interview with Dr. Durrīyah Sharaf al- Dīn. He stressed the superficiality of some Muslims nowadays and the compelling need to move from appearance...
Copts were completely absent from television screens in Ramaḍān.
Dr. Sāmī ‘Abd al- ‘Azīz reports the results of an annual seminar held by Iqra’ satellite channel entitled, ‘The Iqra’ seminar for fiqh and media,’ headed by Shaykh Sālih Kāmil.
The author expresses his view about the media during Ramadān. He says that television must concern itself more with religious and moral programs and series that present Islamic history, rather than trivial series and shows which keep the audience away from moral and spiritual values.


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