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Some intellectuals have rejected the idea of a film about the life of Christ which they consider an insult to a holy figure.
The author expresses his rejection of Christian and Muslim institutions’ involvement in judging works of art, arguing that banning artistic works should not be allowed.
Father Shenouda Marqus rejects the Danish cartoons and expresses his understanding for the angry feelings of Muslims, but at the same time wonders why Muslims in Egypt do not show the same level of sanctity towards Christianity, which he feels is being humiliated everyday in Egypt.
Conflicts over Mill Gibson´s film “Passions” are still going on. The film is accused of promoting anti-Semitism, as it points out the role Jews played in killing Jesus Christ.
A new movie by Mel Gibson about the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus Christ, titled “Passion,” caused a controversy among Catholic clergymen and Jewish rabbis despite the fact that it has not yet been released. They believe that the movie will promote the belief of the traditional Catholic Church...
A new film by Mel Gibson called “Passion” is expected to cause a conflict between Christians and Jews in the US. The film is said to be anti-Semitic and not theologically accurate. The author believes that such an expected conflict shows that relations between Jews and Christians are weak.
Pope Shenouda participated in one of the symposiums of the Cairo International Book Fair. He commented on the expected war against Iraq, President Mubarak´s decision regarding January 7, Christians in the media, the relation between the American Christian right wing and Zionism, whether the...
An Israeli TV program depicted Christian clergymen in a disparaging manner. Italian sources stated to the Israeli paper Ma’ariv that if Jewish men of religion were mocked in the same way, Jewish organizations would have considered that an act of anti-Semitism. Full Text
The author criticizes the objections of some Copts to present Coptic characters with bad traits in TV drama. He believes that it is a fact of life to have good and bad Muslims and Christians.
An American Egyptian movie suggests that Christ found the Pyramids disgusting and considered it statues and Herod’s Soldiers Arabs.


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