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The Alexandria Christian Film Festival has created a controversy. We took opposing opinions to the president of the festival and some critics.
Angelic Europe - and particularly France - lets itself to be footed by the strategists of radical Islam. An Illustration came last week, with the green light given in Paris by the Higher Council of Audio-visual (CSA) to Al-Manar, the TV chain of Lebanese Hezbollah, to broadcast in France.
It is a television program called Muwagahat [confrontations] on Iqra’ satellite channel presented by Mr. Muhammad Barakat. In all episodes I watched, the host interviewed retired veiled actresses and looked up to them as if they were promised heaven. - See art. 24: status of women in Islam.
A Muslim woman who converted to Christianity expressed the author her wish to tell her story to all people. Sidhom told her that people who make their conversion stories public face hard time. However, since the state-owned Nile TV channel started to broadcast a program presenting cases of people...
Biting editorial against Egypt for broadcasting "Horseman Without a Horse," for its alleged anti-semetic content. The Washington Post asks the US Congress to act, of course how else than through sanctions. The Copts Daily Digest placed this article in their e-publication. It seems to be tradition...
Christians get acquainted with the principles of Islam through drama. So there is no problem if Muslims get acquainted with the principles of Christianity through Christian drama. However, many of the Christian films produced so far have been shown only in the framework of the church.
Television programs have a great effect on public opinion and often become topics of discussion. The author comments on Coptic television characters to date. He hopes for more and better Coptic roles in the future and for a special program each day for Copts. With an RNSAW comment.
The Minister of Information decided to turn the message the unknown woman into a television serial. The serial will be a good chance to expose the true nature of those who disguise themselves in religious appearance while they know nothing about religion.
The problems of Copts in Egypt are not as simple as the exchanged kisses between Pope Shenouda and the Sheikh of the Azhar. They are also not as complicated as the claims saying that Coptic girls are raped and Coptic young men are forced to convert to Islam. The problems of Copts in Egypt need non-...
Mustafa al-Misnāwī argues that many films produced in the West, particularly the United States, send a clear message that the Arab Muslim world is beautiful and fascinating but that the people are barbaric, brutal and totally untrustworthy.


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