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Ulfat Ja‘far reviews a new book by media expert Jack Shāhīn on Hollywood’s image of Arabs and Muslims.
Heads of some France-based Islamic societies have denied stirring up Muslim public opinion against a French play, claimed to be offensive to Islam.
Egyptian actor, ‘Umar al-Sharīf has received a death threat on a website linked to al-Qā‘ida, The Guardian reported yesterday.
A press review of articles concerning the allegedly anti-Islamic play performed in the Mar Girgis Church in Alexandria, which prompted angry demonstrations from Muslims.
Wā’il Lutfī writes about ‘Amr Khālid as a phenomenon.
‘Amr Khālid is back in the limelight and enjoys this.
The assassination of Theo van Gogh resulted in a debate in Dutch media about the limits of the freedom of expression. Van Gogh himself specialized in offensive language against religion; his words were deliberately calculated to hurt people. Others, found van Gogh had gone too far, misused the...
The filmmaker of a film that criticizes violence against women in Islamic societies was shot dead by a 26-year-old Muslim man who is a dual national of Morocco and Holland. Theo Van Gogh has raised much controversy with his articles and films that express his controversial opinions about Islam...
The Dutch government declared that it has taken new measures in its campaign to counter the threats of terrorism and extremist groups that call for “armed jihad.” These measures came after the escalation of extreme-right voices calling on the government to take steps of this kind especially in the...
Dutch police arrested yesterday a 23-year-old Moroccan man suspected of involvement in the stabbing to death filmmaker Theo Van Gogh last Tuesday.


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