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Ahmed Omar Hashim accused an Egyptian TV serial of doing harm to Muslim scholars.
The Grand Imam of the Azhar is a respectable scholar and a shrewd jurist who opens his heart to different opinions. He welcomes a dialogue with anyone on condition that he sticks to the rules of dialogue.
Pope Shenouda wants to see the boycotts on Iraq and Libya are lifted. He believes the Israeli conflict with the Arabs is a conflict of greed. He also said the problem of the Coptic endowments is close to a final solution, thanks to the government.
For the first time since the days of Nasser the Christmas prayer was broadcasted life. In the past decades, however, the Christmas celebration in the Coptic Cathedral was broadcasted the day after.
The article discusses the image of Jews in religious films in Egypt and concludes that their image is related to political circumstances, that is relations between Egypt and Israel. The title doesn’t cover the content of the article and is probably not made by the author.
The media frenzy caused by the events of Al-Koshh and the exaggerated reactions is a matter which invites us to wonder. Why were all these attempts made to assure a fact!! The Copts enjoy full citizenship and do not face any sort of persecution. Such horror over this issue does not deny there is a...
An autobiography of the phenomenal preacher. The translator added the references to many other articles which appeared about sheikh Sha’arawi in the Egyptian press.


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