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For three successive weeks, interest in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ? secured it a considerable space in Egyptian press. AWR provides you with a list of articles about the film from various perspectives.
Criticism of a documentary film on the Holy Virgin aired by the B.B.C. The film claims that Mary was not a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus Christ and that Jesus was the outcome of a relationship she had with a Roman leader.
In this article the author argues that the creed of Copts is being targeted through material published and broadcast in the media, providing examples for his arguments.
The article talks about the chaos of Fatwás being issued on TV by a number of unofficial Muftīs. It also mentions the statement of the Islamic Research Academy regarding these Fatwás which marks the end of the satellite Fatwás.
Mahmūd Qāsim tackles the image of Jesus Christ in world films.
The writer tackles the idea of reforming religious sermons, whether Islamic or Christian, through Dr. Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāh’s book entitled, ‘The Religious Speech in the Egyptian Mass Media in the Ninety’s.’
The author comments on the Muslim Brotherhood’s control over the political and social life in Egypt.
The authors delve into the role of the family, school and street in developing the fear of expressing oneself openly and promoting a unilateral culture.
In the second emission of the interview with Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyib, the former Muftīī of Egypt discusses the Ḥijāb and Niqāb referring that there are far much serious issues that Muslims need to be occupied with instead. He refers to some foreign powers that try to attract Egypt Muslims by their...
The author writes about the importance of presenting Christian programs on T.V, and sees that this is the right of Christians as Egyptians, and will serve to enhance relations between Muslims and Christians.


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