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The judges of the State Council supported the ruling that the Administrative Judiciary Court handed down in the case of al-Nabaa. It also rejected the appeal Mamdouh Mahran, the Editor-in-chief of the paper, lodged against the head of the Supreme Press Council.
The Appeal Court rejected an appeal presented by Mamdouh Mahran’s defense to change the members of the jury. It was proved to the appeal court that there was no animosity between the judge and the defendant, and therefore the appeal did not rely on real reasons.
The Emergency State Security Misdemeanor Court decided to suspend the examination of the cases against Al -Nabaa and Akher Khabar newspapers until it has made a decision concerning the request from the defense to change the members of the jury. The head of the court said that the reasons the...
President Mubarak received Pope Shenouda in Ras al-Tin palace. In a two hour meeting the president and the pope discussed issues concerning Copts and how to maintain national unity. Neither party made a statement after the meeting.
The Supreme State Security Misdemeanors Court held its second session to examine the case of Mamdouh Mahran, the owner and the Editor -in-Chief of al-Nabaa newspaper. The session witnessed many quarrels between Mahran’s lawyers and the lawyers representing the church and Pope Shenouda. Mahran’s...
Swift intensive efforts were made this week to contain a Muslim-Christian crisis due to a blasphemous article, by a Muslim writer, about a former monk. Thousands of angry youths protested against the article, the Government was accused of being in collusion with the paper, Pope Shenouda...
The Editor-in-Chief of Al-Nabaa was put under guard in the hospital where he is being treated from a heart attack. He stated that his defense would request that the implementation of his three-year prison sentence be stopped because of his health condition and for the good of his work.
The Editor-in-Chief of Al-Nabaa stressed that he did not [mean to] hurt the feelings of Copts [by publishing pornographic photos of an expelled monk] and that he did not mean to cause any division between the children of the one nation. He also stressed that Al-Nabaa was not a sexual paper.
The defense of the editor in chief of Al-Nabaa said that the sentence his client was given did not include the words "with labor"-which means that he can serve the sentence either in the prison or outside it.


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