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Over the past two days, participants gathered at the Egypt Media Forum to discuss the state of journalism in Egypt and the factors, affecting its quality and production.  Under the title of “Quality Journalism: Content, Practices and Business Models,” the forum, as organized by the DEDI Media Club...
The Arab Media Freedom Monitor (an Egyptian non-profit organization) certified 41 violations of journalists’ rights and a rise in the number of blocked websites to 520 in its June report.  The violations included 13 counts related to detention and arrest, 7 counts from precautionary measures, 6...
Freedom House classified Egypt as “not free” with regards to freedom on the internet from June 2014-May 2015 in its latest report released on Tuesday.
A critique of a number of articles published on the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group’s website, deeming individuals or institutions to be kāfir.
A comment on an article by the Coptic intellectual Kamāl Ghubriyāl about schisms in the prospective movement Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination.
The author emphasizes that Egypt is witnessing a wave of terrorism, listing a number of fields, where the state could make efforts to deal with this serious problem.
Ahmad Zakarīya discusses the internet as a double-edged sword for terrorists, helping them to manufacture weapons, but also giving security agencies a chance to trace them.
The Minister of the Interior sent a letter to the Sheikh of the Azhar telling him about a challenging Internet site called the "Jihad of the Apostates" sending forth lies about the Qur’an and the Prophet. The minister asked the Sheikh of the Azhar to cooperate in correcting its deviant thoughts by...
The author writes on the petition by several lawyers to Egypt’s prime minister and the head of the Azhar, asking them to monitor and or eliminate websites of religious extremism.
The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group is reported to have hacked the website of Rose al-Yousuf daily newspaper.


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