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The article refers to the imbalanced attitude between public requirements and the law. The author, however, thinks that the current debates over human right and citizenship would act as a base for a political reform.
The last press report shows that national papers mostly violate press laws and ethics.
Ahmad Abū al-Khir interviews one of the most controversial members of Parliament; alī Laban, member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The author expresses his opinion about private press and asks all journalists to be more accurate in their work.
The author discusses different viewpoints on the draft law related to press freedom and states that the removal of the article that prescribes punishment for alleged cases of defamation is a positive step towards democracy.
The article discusses the decision taken by the Syndicate of Journalists’ Board of Directors to form a committee to draft a new law halting publishing- related imprisonment.
A discussion was held on the recently proposed draft law that amends some articles of the penal code pertaining to custodial sentences for publishing offences. A few days ago the People’s Assembly gave preliminary approval for the draft law amid growing calls to lift all restrictions on freedom...
The author reports on and analyzes three issues connected to freedom of expression: the situation of the student Alā’, the movie ‘Ya‘qubyān Building’ and the controversial new press law.
In a series of articles the author discusses the issue of journalists’ demands to have the penalty of imprisonment for publishing-related charges removed and the need to include certain criteria into legislative debates over this draft law, such as guaranteeing journalists’ rights of free...
The Shūrá [Consultative] Council has recently agreed to discuss proposed amendments to some articles of the penal code pertaining to the imprisonment of journalists in publication-related cases. In an attempt to express their opposition to the proposed draft law, a large number of journalists on...


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