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The writer tackles the idea of reforming religious sermons, whether Islamic or Christian, through Dr. Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāh’s book entitled, ‘The Religious Speech in the Egyptian Mass Media in the Ninety’s.’
The Egyptian press reports on the recent divisions within the Kifāyahmovement, otherwise known as the Egyptian Movement for Change. Seven members from the movement submitted their resignation following the culture minister’s comments on the Ḥijāb.
Al-Qammāsh asks for President Mubārak’s mediatation to reissue al-Sha‘b newspaper, considering the six year ban on the newspaper sufficient punishment .
The article covers a statement issued by the Committee of Freedoms in the Journalists Syndicate concerning press freedom in Egypt. The committee expressed its concern at escalating the activities of the government against the freedom of press.
The author wonders why none of the candidates running for the presidency have taken up the issue of al-Shacb, the newspaper considered to be the mouthpiece of the dissolved Labor Party that was shut down. Working to bring back the publication would emphasize the importance of freedom of press and...
The government has established parties it alleges are expressive of the dissolved Labor Party. Yet no room has been left for different opinions, and al-Shā‘b, Labor’s newspaper, which was closed down years ago, has not been re-issued with its original journalists.
In this article, author Sāmih Fawzī is criticizing Syndicate of Journalists and its Freedoms Committee Chairman Muhammad ‘Abd al-Quddous for inviting and honoring Abu Islām Ahmad ‘Abd Allāh, the owner of a web site that wages severe attacks on Christians and their beliefs.
The chief editor of Al-Shaab urged the government to allow the re-opening of the paper following the court’s rejection of the last two government appeals. He claimed that political circumstances were now suitable for the instant re-opening of Al-Shaab, as proven by the Culture Ministry crisis. This...
Some members of the Islamic bloc are asking questions about the Ministry of the Interior, the head of the Supreme Council of the Press and the head of the Shura Council’s failure to execute court judgments in the case of Al-Shaab newspaper. The deputy general secretary of the Labor Party said that...
According to the report of the Human Rights Watch on Egypt, the government of President Hosni Mubarak intensified its efforts to exercise control over civil society institutions, harassing and restricting the activities of political parties, human rights and other nongovernmental organizations (...
Mahmoud Salah wrote in the weekly magazine’s section, "Thoughts of the Week," about how the Egyptian people continue with their normal lives and daily routines following the decision taken by the Committee of Party’s Affairs to close down Al-Shaab newspaper.
The Council delegated Mr. Ibrahim Nafie, Chairman of the Syndicate, to convey a message to the President of the Republic and to arrange a series of meetings with key personnel to assure financial and job security for the journalists affected by the closing down of Al-Shaab newspaper.
The decision of the Parties Committee, concerning the suspension of Al-Shaab, raised wide scale reactions among other opposition parties. Al-Tagammu, Nasserist, Al-Wefaq Al-Watani Parties have all announced their rejection of the principle of closing down newspapers.
Al-Shaab carried out a fierce campaign against the novel "Banquet for the Seaweed". It opened with an article which stated that the people’s outrage against the Minister of Culture has transferred from the Azhar University to the Faculty of Islamic Studies. Page 3 showed the opinion of some...
Architect Hussein Sabbour, a colleague of Minister of Agriculture Youssef Wali who had been attacked by Islamist paper el-Shaab, announced on 18 October that he would file suit against the Islamist newspaper Al Shaab which accused him of improprieties.
The story of a Coptic politician from the younger generation.
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