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The Media Center of the Coptic Orthodox Church announced the launch of an official Facebook page under the name of “The Coptic Media Center”.
The Coptic Catholic Church’s Holy Synod concluded its periodic meeting in the Diocese of Luxor, on Sunday, with the attendance of Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrāhīm Isḥāq, members of the Coptic Catholic Holy Synod, priests, monks and nuns serving the Upper-Egyptian diocese. 
A number of Coptic media production companies recently held a seminar to find practical solutions to the problems resulting from media piracy. Many of those who attended the seminar opposed illegal downloading however some insisted that it is the only way for the poor to access such material.
Rose al-Yūsuf interviews some of the Islamic scholars to ask them about their opinion concerning the hacking of Christian websites.
The issue of the proportional representation of Copts was once discussed during the formulation of the 1923 Constitution but was opposed by many Copts who did not want to be granted special parliamentary guarantees other than what are granted to all Egyptian people
A group of computer hackers calling itself ‘The Defenders of Islam’ has hacked into some Christian websites and changed the Christian materials into Qur’ ānic verses that urge Muslims to kill Copts.
Subtitle: 1- An Islamic preacher says on the Internet: Christians deceive Muslims by building churches in the form of mosques 2- A Christian Internet site called “Wild Christianity” specializes in attacking Islam 3- Internet sites for the books and essays of: El Karadawy, Said Kotb, Ibn...
A comment on an article by the Coptic intellectual Kamāl Ghubriyāl about schisms in the prospective movement Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination.
A Muslim saying that crucifixion is nothing but a fiction says what his religion teaches him. He may state this without the intention to be offensive to Christians. But Christians will feel offended. To avoid offensiveness, it is better to introduce Islam without saying “unlike Christianity” and to...
The Copts Daily Digest reported that the website of the US Copts Association was hacked by a Muslim. The hacker reported he doesn´t like their website and wanted to scare them. The US Copts Association reported that they are frequently threatened on Muslim sites but were not able to produce more...


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