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This issue presents a number of interesting articles on cases of sedition on Egypt, further commentary on the speech of President Obama, and the recent ongoings in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The article gives different views on Sheikh Amr Khaled and his way of preaching. It also shows the criticism leveled at Christian journalist Mofied Fawzy because of his comments on Khaled and the issue of the veil, and how Fawzy responds to this criticism.
A girl is attacked on 45th street when trying to walk home. The author questions how much it really benefits Egyptian society when these issues are ‘glossed over.’
A group of computer hackers calling itself ‘The Defenders of Islam’ has hacked into some Christian websites and changed the Christian materials into Qur’ ānic verses that urge Muslims to kill Copts.
In the second emission of the interview with Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyib, the former Muftīī of Egypt discusses the Ḥijāb and Niqāb referring that there are far much serious issues that Muslims need to be occupied with instead. He refers to some foreign powers that try to attract Egypt Muslims by their...
The author discusses some news on the internet about Western pastors who converted to Islām.
Suhayr ‘Uthmān, a researcher from the Faculty of Mass Communication, conducted research on the relationship between reading printed and electronic newspapers and the youths’ conceptions of terrorism. This article outlines some of the study’s results.
Subtitle: 1- An Islamic preacher says on the Internet: Christians deceive Muslims by building churches in the form of mosques 2- A Christian Internet site called “Wild Christianity” specializes in attacking Islam 3- Internet sites for the books and essays of: El Karadawy, Said Kotb, Ibn...
Islamophobia advocacy is advocacy that instils fear in people’s minds about Islām. Sebastian Kohn has noticed Qur’ān increase in this kind of advocacy on the internet, which is concerning because it brings a clash of civilizations closer to humanity. This kind of advocacy is especially effective on...
In an attempt to promote its recent non-violent approach, al -Jamā‘ah al- Islāmīyah has launched a website, which the author says marks a considerable change in the ideological stance of the "banned" Islamic group.
The author complains that although the Jordanian "terrorist" Abu Mus‘ab al- Zarqāwī has been killed, there still lives an ideology of takfīr that views al- Zarqāwī as a mujāhid as seen in a statement issued by Hamās.
With the growth of home-grown terrorism in Europe and in Canada, scholars and experts discuss the reasons why some Muslims in Western societies seem to be drawn to terrorism.
The author asserts that the Muslim Brotherhood uses research and studies centers as a mean to practice politics, through making statements and publishing articles’ carrying the Islamic group’s ideology.
Recent studies reveal that the majority of Internet websites and religious satellite channels focus on theology, but fail to address vital issues in Muslims’ lives.
The author emphasizes that Egypt is witnessing a wave of terrorism, listing a number of fields, where the state could make efforts to deal with this serious problem.
Jewish organizations published distorting commercials against the "The Way of Islam" Internet site in the Canadian "National Post," to the effect that the site supports terrorism and calls for Israel to be attacked. They demanded that the Canadian government shut it down. The site has published...
Abu Dhabi airport authorities prevented Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi from entering the Emirates, after he showed his Qatari identification, which he uses to pass into the Gulf-Countries. Al-Qaradawi thought this was a direct instruction from Washington.
Due to the importance of the media to the Muslim Brotherhood, the group tends to occupy pre-existing well-known newspapers and magazines to promote its activities, writes Hamdī Rizq.
Islamic web sites have succeeded lately in attracting a great percentage of Egyptian youth. They consider such sites a substitute for the new preachers. Many of the Egyptian youth have a strong connection with them. Thus when these preachers left Egypt, they caused psychical disorders for the youth...
The anti-Islam campaign on the Internet gets severer as many Western and Zionist websites publish lies and falsehoods about Islam. In parallel there are many Islamic websites that refute these falsehoods and have managed to offer tangible services to Muslims worldwide


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