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 An article focussing on the confusion over the future of moderate Islamic website IslamOnline.
This article reports on the statement issued by the journalists of “Islamonline” in which they declare they are not responsible for the material published on the website during the period of their sit-in, accusing the Qatarī administration of ruining the website.
Abu Dhabi airport authorities prevented Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi from entering the Emirates, after he showed his Qatari identification, which he uses to pass into the Gulf-Countries. Al-Qaradawi thought this was a direct instruction from Washington.
Due to the importance of the media to the Muslim Brotherhood, the group tends to occupy pre-existing well-known newspapers and magazines to promote its activities, writes Hamdī Rizq.
Islamic web sites have succeeded lately in attracting a great percentage of Egyptian youth. They consider such sites a substitute for the new preachers. Many of the Egyptian youth have a strong connection with them. Thus when these preachers left Egypt, they caused psychical disorders for the youth...
The anti-Islam campaign on the Internet gets severer as many Western and Zionist websites publish lies and falsehoods about Islam. In parallel there are many Islamic websites that refute these falsehoods and have managed to offer tangible services to Muslims worldwide
In this article Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi comments on the attacks of September 11 and the possibility of having a dialogue between Islam and the west. He stressed the importance of inter-religious dialogue.
Israeli official and non-official websites are watching the Arabic and Islamic media to keep the West updated.
The website "Islam on line," supervised by Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi, is launching a campaign aimed at collecting one million signatures on a letter titled "We the people of the United Nations together are against war." The letter carries the logo of the UN in a reference to its role in protecting...
It was found that peaceful political-social Islamic movements are next to nothing in using the Internet and the utilization of its domain in their activities. The contradiction is that other competing non-Islamic movements are not similarly exposed to that technology.


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