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There is no doubt that during Mubarak’s ruling period, the press enjoys freedom to a great extent and individuals enjoy democracy which was absent for year. It is up to individuals to say whatever they want: bad or good.
The media frenzy caused by the events of Al-Koshh and the exaggerated reactions is a matter which invites us to wonder. Why were all these attempts made to assure a fact!! The Copts enjoy full citizenship and do not face any sort of persecution. Such horror over this issue does not deny there is a...
A message sent by the youth of Al-Koshh village to Al-Ahali newspaper said that the main reason for the blowing up of events was due to the cover-up of the media and security.
We had intended to close the file of Al-Koshh events after publishing what we thought was enough to clarify facts. Daily papers and weekly magazines’ coverage of the issue found a kind of ’media demonstration’ that came late and seemed to be synthetic and not neutral. Thus, it is essential to...
Interview with Drs. Kees Hulsman, the first correspondent to visit el-Koshh. The interview focused on the Sunday Telegraph, earlier sensational reporting on Egypt by a co-production of channel four and Dutch TV (Evangelical Broadcasting Company), what had happened in el-Koshh and the role of human...
Although there are more than 400 foreign correspondent moving freely in our country, this could not stop the people who want to defame Egypt from creating stories and spreading rumors in the whole world.
To every one who is trying to penetrate the unity of Egypt, what do you want from Egypt? Do you want to put the Christians and the Muslims under guardianship?


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