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The author sheds light on a book that documents the Coptic press between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 20th century.
The media impresario Hishām Qāsim recently presented a lecture at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo. In the lecture Qāsim narrated the recent history of the Egyptian press industry and described the current debates, dilemmas and developments governing the media sector. Article full text:...
The author discusses the issue of reform in press institutions. He argues that the journalist’s right to carry out extra work for other newspapers does not contradict the principle of full dedication to the press institution.
An article highlighting the history of Watani International, and how it came to be.
The article presents fears over the performance of the press.
The article provides an overview of a number of stories that have headlined the Egyptian press as of late.
‘Abd Allāh Kāmil discusses the importance of developing national press in Egypt.
In a sarcastic tone, the author claims that he reads many articles in the Arabic press that make pretty and heavy reading but are in effect taken from the foreign press. These articles are assembled and their authors give them Islamized introductions and nationalistic conclusions. He calls this “...
The author compares between the Arab and Western media in an extended image in which he likens the media to a three-ring circus. He believes that Arab media perform in the outer rings of the circus, away from the middle ring where the greatest show takes place. However, the middle ring is occupied...
The prominent thinker and writer Kāmil Zuhayrī discusses the dangers of monopolization of the press, and calls for a conference of journalists to discuss the future of the media.


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