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The announcement of membership to the Journalists’ Syndicate created uproar amongst those who had not been accepted. Yūsuf Sidhūm suggests that the syndicate revise its policy of handing out bonuses to journalists and base its membership on journalists’ experience and ability.
The article discusses the Azhar Grand Imām Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī’s lawsuit against the chief editor of al-Fajr daily in the context of legal claims that may lead to imprisonment of journalists for what they write.
This article comments on the potential imprisonment of ‘Ādil Hammūdah and defends his position.
This article deals with press freedom reports. The author explains that these reports gain credibility when issued by independent bodies. He points out that the Federation of Arab Journalists and the Supreme Council of Press are not independent; hence, their reports are not reliable.
The author discusses a number of issues related to the Egyptian press, such as low salaries, level of professionalism among journalists, and where money for advertising comes from. The article focuses on the effects these issues have on press freedom and quality.
The last press report shows that national papers mostly violate press laws and ethics.
The history of the press code of ethics in Egypt.
On Thursday, 12 editors-in-chief from Egypt’s most influential national newspapers issued a statement in which they condemned attempts by ‘yellow’ journalism to insult Egyptian symbols, including President Muhammad Husnī Mubārak. Outlining the current status of the Egyptian press, the editors...
A discussion was held on the recently proposed draft law that amends some articles of the penal code pertaining to custodial sentences for publishing offences. A few days ago the People’s Assembly gave preliminary approval for the draft law amid growing calls to lift all restrictions on freedom...
A list of articles on the recent controversial press law from a variety of Egyptian news sources.


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