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A few days ago, the Shūrá [Consultative] Council discussed a draft law on amending some articles of the penal code pertaining to publication-related cases. A large number of journalists staged a sit-in in protest against the proposed amendments, describing them as a setback to the freedom of...
The Shūrá [Consultative] Council has recently agreed to discuss proposed amendments to some articles of the penal code pertaining to the imprisonment of journalists in publication-related cases. In an attempt to express their opposition to the proposed draft law, a large number of journalists...
The article tackles the discovery of some important old Coptic manuscripts including one about the Gospel of Judas, which, the author says, is part of a valuable treasure in the Egyptian heritage.
The author tackles the current crisis in Egyptian journalism and the differences between journalists and government on the sanctity and limits of journalism.
The author asserts that Egyptian syndicates, particularly the Syndicate of Journalists, do not take any measures against their members who make mistakes as they are keen to guarantee their supporters’ votes for future elections.
The conviction of a young journalist, Amīra Malash, in a libel suit has created uproar amongst the press and journalists and human rights activists have stood up defending freedom of expression.
According to the author, it is important to issue a decree preventing the detention of journalists but, at the same time, punishing any offenses in a non-physical way.
The article argues that the American ambassador David Welch in Cairo has the right to express his opinions in which he defends his government, and he also has the right to criticize the Egyptian press. The author expresses his hope that the Egyptian ambassador in Washington, as well as all Arab...
The journalism profession is in danger because of the press of blackmailing, defamation and exchange of accusations. The greatest danger of all is journalists who claim to be holders of authority. Many prominent journalists comment on these issues.
The author examines the factors leading to the sectarian tensions in Alexandria in October 2005, and argues that the Syndicate of Journalists should ensure that the press does not violate the code of journalistic ethics.


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