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The year 2016 witnessed many painful events, including the hijacking of an aircraft the crash of another, terrorist attacks, a sunken boat, and thethe casualties that have resulted rocking the hearts of Egyptians with painful memories etched in their minds. They are hoping these effects of 2016...
In a front-page statement, al-Wafd has complained to Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III about assaults by "Christian brothers" on two journalists in the opposition newspaper, Suhā Salāh and 'Alyā' 'Alī, during the Copts' protests off the Radio & TV building in Maspero area on Thursday, May 19,...
The Copts United Website honors al-Wafd for its efforts regarding Coptic issues.
The Supreme Council of Press’ report on the performance of the Egyptian press in August reveals that private newspapers have a lack of respect for public personalities’ and executive authority’s rights and that state owned newspapers tend to mix editorial comment and advertisements.
The Supreme Press Council’s recent report has criticized the way private newspapers reported on the Shūrá Council fire and commented that al-Wafd and Watanī failed to abide by the rules for publishing adverts.
The article describes a homicidal incident which involved two brothers who killed their sister to avenge the family’s honor and dignity.
In an interview with al-Wafd, Usāmah Muṣṭafá Hasan Nasr, otherwise known as Abū ‘Umar al-Miṣrī, spoke about his alleged abduction by CIA agents from a Milan street to Egypt where he was imprisoned and interrogated.
This article on national unity was printed before under the title "They are not Egyptians!" (Summary) in Al-Wafd, July 1, 1999, by Dr. Saad Al-Fishawi, see RNSAW’s week 27.
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