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The Watanī offices received a call from the head of the National Council for Human Rights, Boutros Boutros Ghali accusing Watanī of false reporting.
Wataninewspaper is celebrating its 50 year anniversary this year. The author comments that in recent years the newspaper has tried to focus on mending fences between Egypt’s Muslims and Christians, no matter how grave the problem
An article highlighting the history of Watani International, and how it came to be.
Hānī Labīb discusses the strained relation between the Coptic Orthodox Church and Waṭanī, which used to be the informal mouthpiece of the church, believing that some figures within the church tried to extort Waṭanī in order to follow certain policies that please the church.
The article discusses the Coptic Orthodox Church’s disagreements with Waṭanī newspaper and its intention to issue several newspapers that address church’s issues.
The newspaper, ‘Ālam al-Mashāhīr, is attempting to establish itself as an alternative to Waṭanī newspaper,especially after the outbreak of disagreements between Wạtanī’s editors and Pope Shenouda.
The article examines developments in the year old conflict between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the most widely-spread Coptic publication, Waṭanī. The article shows the role of Bishop Bīshūy in flaming the conflict between the two sides.
The crisis between Waṭanī and the Coptic Orthodox Church following the laymen’s conference seems to have become chronic. Pope Shenouda has not sent his weekly article to the newspaper for two weeks. While some attributed the issue to a new phase of the pope’s anger, sources assured that the pope...
The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church held its annual meeting. Contrary to all expectations, the Holy Synod did not decide on any punishment in the trial against clergymen who had made allegations against Bishop Bīshūy and the Holy Synod. Rumors have spread about the church’s boycott of...
Majdī Khalīl highlights the absolute importance of the concept of citizenship for Copts, believing that Copts should focus their attention on having their citizenship rights granted to them. He poses a number of suggestions on how to activate the Copts’ role in the Egyptian socio-political spectrum...


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