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Fr. Būlus Ḥalīm congratulated al-Bawāba Newspaper on the anniversary of the page dubbed Bi-l-Nās Al-Masarra” (And on earth peace among men, Luke 2:14)
At a conference organized by a pharmaceutical company, world renowned Egyptian cardiothoracic surgeon Magdi Yacoub [Majdī Ya’qūb] said a new project of great significance to the Egyptian People places emphasis on making available state-of-the-art facilities, resources, research and scientific...
  Wednesday's Egyptian newspaper coverage of the Alexandria church bombing focuses on speculation regarding who may be behind the attack. But some are accusing the Egyptian media of competing to identify the responsible party, according to AWR's Hānī Hamdī...    
  AWR's Hānī Hamdī continues to survey Egyptian newspaper coverage of the Alexandria church bombing. He reports that Tuesday's coverage focused primarily on Coptic protests, which continue in different areas of Egypt some three days after the attack...
Two AWR interns investigate the news coverage of a dispute that took place in al-Tayyibah village, Minia. They analyzed the press reports of the incident and then look at the reconciliation sessions that took place in the wake of the conflict.
In an interview with Gerrit Roos of Reformatorisch Dagblad and Cornelis Hulsman, Bishop Marqus highlights the problems facing Christians in Egypt today. These problems include issues such as church building, conversion, the Egyptian education system and the emigration of Christians abroad.
The article discusses of number of issues affecting the Coptic community in Egypt. It focuses on discrimination and divisive acts that lead to more splits within Egyptian society.
The author wonders about the increasing coverage of Coptic affairs in Egyptian press, and points to a number of specific periodicals that have increased their focus on such issues.
Priests and prominent Christian figures of both Al-Kushh village and Sohag governorate sent a message to all Egyptians and Copts in the country and abroad describing the Sunday Telegraph’s report as being false and biased.
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