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In her column this week, Fāṭima Nāʿūt writes: There was a monk who used to buy newspapers every day from a newspaper vendor in the neighborhood. The vendor greeted the monk with abusive slander and cursing. After selling him the newspaper, he grasps the payment and spits at him! So what is left for...
Deeply convinced of the readers' right for information on political, social, and economic causes, Al-Yawm al-Sābi` highlights the comments of columnists of the major Egyptian newspapers on the despicable terror attack on Coptic Pilgrims and the retaliation attack of the Egyptian armed forces.
In the Monday edition of Egyptian newspapers, columnists focused on a number of issues of public concern. 
Hāla Muṣṭafā was born in Egypt in 1958, although Muṣṭafā was appointed to be a member of the new Policies Committee of the National Democratic Party (NDP) in 2002, Muṣṭafā presents herself as an independent writer and thinker more than a party member. This commitment is reflected in her...
Five journalists affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) applied on Monday (September 19, 2011) competing for board positions in the Journalists Syndicate elections, scheduled for October 14, 2011.
 Some prominent lawyers take legal action against President Mubarak and the head of the Kuwaiti newspaper in Cairo concerning the disappearance of Kamilia.
The Center for Arab-West Understanding invites journalists from all over Egypt to attend a two day workshop entitled “Balanced and Objective Reporting in Controversial Issues”. Article Full Text: Egyptian journalists coming together from different parts of Egypt with members of the Center for Arab-...
Arab-West relations are complicated and controversial. In this paper Bāhir Dukhān, an Arab-West Report intern, has analyzed the Egyptian media from 2003 to investigate how the media affects Arab-West relations and how the Egyptian press covered the events leading up to the 2003 U.S-led war on Iraq.
The author discusses the importance of language, particularly as it relates to the mis-communication that can often happen when languages are being translated due to cultural differences that may not necessarily hold true across cultures and languages.


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