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The number of Christian publishing houses, participating in the Cairo International Book Fair 2020, has reached over ten and includes the Bible Society, Evangelical Culture Publishing House, Logos Publishing House, Episcopal Publishing, St. Mark’s Magazine, which is a part of the Monastery of St....
The Coptic Orthodox Church has announced that the Coptic Book Fair held at the Cathedral of St. Mark in al-ʿAbbasiya is open to the public until November 21.
This article deals with a number of different ways in which the Muslim-Christian relationship is thought of and portrayed in Egypt, as well as the influence of expatriate Copts. The article begins with describing how some prominent Muslims believe that it is Copts outside of Egypt who mostly incite...
An article is distributed to university students dictating the means of dealing with non-Muslims.
This article analyzes the use of religion to serve non-religious ends.
Different Christian newspapers try to garner Coptic readers. Most of the papers are not of a good quality and most adopt exaggerated expressions to attract as many readers as possible.
The author reproaches the chief editors of religious journals for not being in touch with the real concerns of society. They therefore allow extremists to gain influence.
Many religious pages, especially in national newspapers, suffer from repetition and boredom which has led to an absence of creativity. They have become mere clichés that rarely present something new to the contemporary man.
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