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The author, Jirjis Fikrī, highlights the political role played by Christian satellite channels in Egypt and the impact they have on a large number of viewers, especially as these channels support the current Egyptian administration under the leadership of President al-Sīsī.
The Alexandria Criminal Court ruled to sentence ʿĀdil Abū al-Nūr Sulaymān", also known as ”ʿĀdil ʿAsaliyya” to death for slaughtering the Coptic citizen Lamʿ ī Yūsuf in Alexandria.
The author criticizes both Western and Arab media for fuelling misperceptions of Islam.
Coptic clerics and thinkers emphasize that religious satellite channels should avoid offending other beliefs.
Some Muslim scholars suspect the real aims of the religious satellites. They reject the extremist approach of the channels, believing that they have political purposes.
The author states that the dispute between the West and Islam goes back in history to the ninth century, and not just 9/11. The latest dilemma over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad could be used as a starting point to change the global hatred towards Islam. The author states different methods by...
The article concerns secret government parliamentary consultations to include provisions banning the establishment of private TV stations in the law of ‘incentives and guarantees of investment.’ There are fears that fundamentalist movements or opposition parties would seek to establish private TV...
There are more than 32 Christian satellite channels in the world directed at Egypt and the Middle East. The number of Islamic channels is continuously increasing. It is as if they are in satellite competition.
News have been circulated that the Coptic Orthodox Church called for launching two satellite Channels. The pressure of expatriate Copts as well as their funding is forcing the Church to pursue such endeavor. [Similar news item was published by al-Maydān on July 7, 2005, p.16]
Some satellite channels still don’t see the difference between screening entertainment and religious shows. The Arab viewer who longed for religious reform is subjected to a new wave of religious extremism. He lived for decades as victim of religious fundamentalist rhetoric not able to adapt to the...


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