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In order to develop and renew religious discourse those who are responsible for religious programs should realize that religious media should not be limited to preaching. Religious media should present a consistent ideological discourse which simplifies Sharia-related sciences as much as possible.
The article is a letter to Rose Al-Youssef by a retired pilot. He comments on a program aired by Iqraa TV channel. The program interviewed a sheikh commenting on the issue of hijab. The sheikh stated that a woman told him once that she does not like to wear hijab. He answered her she does not need...
The Azhar University is now examining the strategy of the channel it will establish in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Universities.
The author gives examples of wrong fatwas given via Arab satellite channels. He also criticizes religious mistakes committed in the programs broadcasting such fatwas.
Islam has come under fire in some international media circles. Qur’ānic verses are sometimes taken out of context in an attempt to distort the meanings of the Holy Book. The author discusses the media’s interaction with Islam.
Al-Nās [people] television channel will begin broadcasting from Egypt funded by the Saudi Arabian al-Barāhīn Gulf Company, and featuring Egyptian hijāb-wearing television presenters.
There are more than 32 Christian satellite channels in the world directed at Egypt and the Middle East. The number of Islamic channels is continuously increasing. It is as if they are in satellite competition.
Some satellite channels still don’t see the difference between screening entertainment and religious shows. The Arab viewer who longed for religious reform is subjected to a new wave of religious extremism. He lived for decades as victim of religious fundamentalist rhetoric not able to adapt to the...
In a serious attempt to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims in the United States and to show the true nature of Islam, which has been severely attacked in the aftermath of September 11 attacks, news agencies announced launching the first English speaking Islamic channel transmission...
It is a television program called Muwagahat [confrontations] on Iqra’ satellite channel presented by Mr. Muhammad Barakat. In all episodes I watched, the host interviewed retired veiled actresses and looked up to them as if they were promised heaven. - See art. 24: status of women in Islam.


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