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His Holiness Pope Tawādrūs II received in the papal headquarters of the Coptic Orthodox Church Dr. Sulṭān al-Ramīthī, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Elders and ʿUmar al-Barīkī, Executive Director of the Council. 
Dr. Rev. Andriyā Zakī (Andre Zaki), head of the Coptic Evangelical Church and the CEOSS (Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services), received the acting General Secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches, Dr. Thurayyā Bishʿīlānī on Monday morning at the headquarter of the CEOSS.
In an exclusive press conference for local journalists reporting on the Coptic issue, General Secretary of the Middle East Churches Council (MECC), Soraya Beshelani [Thurayyā Bishʿīlānī] said that the Council has followed up a number of causes and crises some countries of the Middle East...
Public Prosecutor ‘Abd al-Majīd Mahmūd ordered immediate investigations into reports accusing the Dutch ambassador in Cairo of attempting to foment sectarian strife by providing his country with misinformation about the conditions of Copts in Egypt. [‘Umar al-Khūlī, al-Sabāh, Oct. 2, p. 3] Read...
Bishop Bīshūy, Secretary of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Holy Synod, called for establishing a council for Egyptian churches to be tasked with negotiating with the new regime to achieve Copts’ demands, stressing unity of Christian denominations to seek solutions for Coptic problems, including the...
The author talks about the real reason behind the decision taken by Pope Shenouda to leave the Churches Council, underlining it has nothing to do with the decision to ban Copts from visiting Israel.
The Coptic Orthodox Pope Withdraws His Church’s Membership from the Middle East Council of Churches Amid Controversy Within the Organization.   
The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church holds a session in which it approves the Coptic Orthodox withdrawal from the Eastern Council of Churches, and decides not to avow Christian channels that are not controlled by the Holy Synod.
Al-Wafd reports on the Coptic Orthodox Church’s alleged withdrawal from the Middle East Council of Churches. The Coptic Orthodox Church has yet to officially announce this decision.
Pope Shenouda’s personal secretary, Bishop Butrus, represents the Coptic Orthodox Church at the conference of the Middle East Council of Churches instead of Bishop Bīshūy.


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