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His Holiness Pope Tawādrūs II received in the papal headquarters of the Coptic Orthodox Church Dr. Sulṭān al-Ramīthī, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Elders and ʿUmar al-Barīkī, Executive Director of the Council. 
Dr. Rev. Andriyā Zakī (Andre Zaki), head of the Coptic Evangelical Church and the CEOSS (Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services), received the acting General Secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches, Dr. Thurayyā Bishʿīlānī on Monday morning at the headquarter of the CEOSS.
In an exclusive press conference for local journalists reporting on the Coptic issue, General Secretary of the Middle East Churches Council (MECC), Soraya Beshelani [Thurayyā Bishʿīlānī] said that the Council has followed up a number of causes and crises some countries of the Middle East...
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