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The Coptic Orthodox Church Media Center has released its latest project, sponsored by Pope Tawāḍrūs II of Alexandria. The project aims to photograph with 360-degree technology the landmarks of Egyptian historic churches in order to provide interactive tours of the ancient churches and monasteries.
Today, the district of East Mansūra issued a permit to build a Coptic Orthodox Church in the name of Saint John the Apostle in al-Darāsa neighborhood in Mansūra. This came after fulfilling the permit’s conditions and approval of Amīn Mukhtār, governor of Daqahilīya.  
What Egypt witnessed during the last few days in celebration of Christmas, was the final say in the battle of Egypt the homeland against sectarianism whose beginning does not date back as early as the 1970s as many believe, but whose roots date back to the year 1321 AD during the era of Sultan al-...
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