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The Bahāʾī Faith is a monotheistic religion that affirms the spiritual unity of the human race, focusing on three pillars that form the foundation of its teachings. 
SAT7 is also only concerned with broadcasting Christian material, but a number of famous Coptic artists have refused to have any relation whatsoever with the channel.
The Islamic Research Institute issued a fatwa considering Baha’is and Babis as apostates because they have changed the fundamentals of the Islamic creed.
Sixteen members of the Baha’i group were arrested in a village in Upper Egypt. They are accused of apostasy of the real Islam and therefore should not be treated as Muslims. The Mufti stressed the necessity of applying the doctrinal punishment for apostasy to the Baha’i group.
Bahais are no longer satisfied with the life they are leading, hiding their beliefs. They turned up at Rose El-Youssef with a list of special requests. They might have planned this so they could show up formally and declare their active presence. They have mixed origins, some were Christians and...
This article is an outline of a book of Dr. Abdel Wahab al-Missiri about the Baha’is which was published in 1993. Al-Missiri studied the protocols of the Free Masons and the Baha’is and wrote that some people believe that Jews participated in the great Jewish conspiracy and used their connections...
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