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Secularism in the West is different from that in the East. The secularists have different principles especially concerning patriotism and national unity. In the East, they despise morals and everything that is represented by it.
A review of a book by Milad Hanna calling for a culture of mutual acceptance and the emphasis on national identity over a sectarian religious identity, as well as some background information on Dr Milad Hanna himself.
In this interview Mohammed Hassan talks about the current state of Islam work worldwide and says that the existence of several Islamic groups is a healthy phenomena. He says the United States will fall down because this is God’s law. He also says that Muslims are responsible for the retardation of...
To the more hardline of Britain’s 1.75 million Muslims, this month’s 75th anniversary of the destruction of the Islamic State (Khilafah) by modern Turkey’s secularist founder Mustafa Kamal is a stark reminder of the West’s enduring hostility to Islam.
An overview of the position of Copts in Egypt.
Interview with Prof. John Keane, director of the Center of the Study of Democracy and professor of politics at the University of Westminster, England on the subject of secularism and Islam.


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