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A controversy over the release of movies and video films dramatizing events in the lives of Christian saints.
Archeological officials debated for three years whether to keep the museum in its current location. It has been decided to leave it where it is and to move some Islamic artifacts to other locations.
The author is upset about discrimination of a Cairo-University lecturer in dentistry and calls what happened "absurdities". The article explains the background behind the commotion about someone becoming a lecturer. Some people who oppose her say she is Bahai while the person herself says she is...
Bahai’s had a lodge in Cairo with a head office in Ramses street. They were registered in courts but were then banned in 1960. Two Bahai representatives were arrested by the police one in 1972 and the other in 1985. Bahais may be another minority that the United States is planning to protect as an...
Controversy arises when a teacher in the School of Dentistry in Cairo university announces her Bahai faith.


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