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The State Department has designated China, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar and Sudan as countries of particular concern for violations of religious freedom, making them liable for U.S. diplomatic and economic sanctions, spokesman James Rubin said Wednesday.
This Freedom from Religious Persecution Act gives America the right to interfere in diplomatic ways to the concerned governments and if a government does not respond, it is the right of the U.S. administration to impose any sanctions that it (the U.S.) sees fit. The author stresses that several...
A report produced by the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs about religious freedom criticized practices to which women and the religious minorities are exposed in Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq.
[This text was downloaded from the following URL: (http://www.state.gov/www/global/human_rights/irf/irf_rpt/fs_990909_irf.html)] The full text of the Fact Sheet as downloaded off the internet.
In answer to a question posed by a Muslim reader the author outlines principles which are to guide a Muslim’s relationships with non-Muslims.
In the secular societies, religion is not considered as one of the main foundations on which the country, its constitution, and principal law are based. Accordingly, all the citizens of this country will not feel any discrimination whether they are Christians, Muslims or Jews. But if the society...
The Clinton administration is considering dropping Libya from the US list of alleged state sponsors of terrorism and Syria may not be far behind, according to a Congressional research report. "Libyan sponsorship of terrorism has declined to the point at which the administration is considering...
During the last weeks, the secularists claimed that Islam rejects art and considers it its enemy. But the Islamic view is that real art is the one which elevates the soul, purifies it from all evils and raises it to different cultural and mental levels.
Secularism in the West is different from that in the East. The secularists have different principles especially concerning patriotism and national unity. In the East, they despise morals and everything that is represented by it.
A review of a book by Milad Hanna calling for a culture of mutual acceptance and the emphasis on national identity over a sectarian religious identity, as well as some background information on Dr Milad Hanna himself.


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