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An Alexandria prosecutor has decided to charge 19 members of a dissident sect for religious contempt, judicial officials announced on 25 March.
In this interview Mohammed Hassan talks about the current state of Islam work worldwide and says that the existence of several Islamic groups is a healthy phenomena. He says the United States will fall down because this is God’s law. He also says that Muslims are responsible for the retardation of...
To the more hardline of Britain’s 1.75 million Muslims, this month’s 75th anniversary of the destruction of the Islamic State (Khilafah) by modern Turkey’s secularist founder Mustafa Kamal is a stark reminder of the West’s enduring hostility to Islam.
The article deals with the principle of being tolerant with people who follow other religions. " We should remember that it is our task to make Islam known to them and to give them a good idea of our faith, because God has sent the message of Islam to all mankind."
An overview of the position of Copts in Egypt.
Fundamentalists, in particular the Islamist variety, relate to religious concepts, including the concept of Jihad, in an instrumentalist approach which is nearly always absolutist, that is, it entails an absolute assertion of one, generally de-contextualized, aspect of religion and a total...
Interview with Prof. John Keane, director of the Center of the Study of Democracy and professor of politics at the University of Westminster, England on the subject of secularism and Islam.
A birth certificate issued by the health office of Mit Aqba states a family’s religion as Bahai.
A controversy over the release of movies and video films dramatizing events in the lives of Christian saints.
Archeological officials debated for three years whether to keep the museum in its current location. It has been decided to leave it where it is and to move some Islamic artifacts to other locations.


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