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Al-Dustūr reports on the recent decision taken by the court concerning Bahā’īs and Muslim converts to Christianity
The author sheds light on issues that were represented in the annual conference of the Center for Social and Criminal Research. Researchers discussed issues related to Muslim-Christian relations and sectarian strife, in addition to other social matters.
In a statement before a delegation from the American University in Cairo, Minister of Endowments Dr. Zaqzūq stresses equality between Muslims and Christians in Egypt, renews his calls to visit Jerusalem and criticizes the Bahā’ī faith.
Al-Dustūr reports on the joint statement issued by Human Rights Watch and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights on the decree issued by the Ministry of Interior allowing putting a "-" in the religion entry for Bahā’īs.
Watani reports on the recent Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination conference that was held in the Egyptian capital.
An interview with Father ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt, priest of Virgin Mary Church in Musturud and teacher of apologetics in Coptic institutions, concerning various issues.
On April 2 Bahā’īs in an Upper Egyptian village were attacked by Muslim residents of the village after people from neighboring towns teased them for having Bahā’īs living among them.
Shukrī reports on the recent sectarian incident against Bahā’ī citizens that took place in Upper Egypt.
The U.S state department has issued a new report on the state of human rights in different countries around the world.
Last week, after five years of court cases the Supreme Administrative Court allowed Bahā’īs to leave the religion box blank on their official papers.


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