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The author looks at the status of the Baha’ī religion in Egypt and comments on the effects that this status can have on individuals.
The article discusses the author’s view of how Egypt will change over the coming years, and how these changes will affect the minorities in the political and social spheres.
Waḥīd Ḥāmid compares the Islamic Justice and Development Party [AKP] in Turkey, which has reached power, and the Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt. He believes that the Turkish party has managed to attain power by concerning themselves with the real problems of people, unlike Islamists in Egypt...
Revealed scriptures speak about the light that gives man life and spirit. Even un-revealed religions like Buddhism speak about light enlightenment. Everyone should try to arrive at a state of enlightenment in order not to be trapped in a state of kufrania, i.e. the denying the need for...
The relationship between religion and the state is being strengthened in America. But why are they preaching what they do not do themselves? Why are they preaching secularism to the Islamic World when they are strengthening the relationship between religion and the state, which has been going for...
The author highlights the discriminatory practices regarding Egyptian identity cards, and the problems of changing one’s religion therein.
During the Egyptian Association for Dialogue’s conference, Muslim scholars welcomed decreeing a law to organize the construction of houses of worship using equal standards in Egypt.
The author discusses the situation of Muslims in Turkey, and the increasing levels of restrictions being imposed upon them.
The Turkish Parliament approved a draft law that allows women to wear the hijāb at Turkish universities. While advocates of the law consider it a step forward, opponents believe that it is a threat to the secular nature of the Turkish republic.
Independent Member of Parliament Muḥammad al-‘Umdah believes that secularism is an English term that indicates separating religion from all forms of life, particularly politics.


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