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The Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies is quite busy gathering one million signatures to request a change in the Egyptian constitution. The request will be submitted to the People’s Assembly thus seeking to provide an opportunity for those who wish to run for the presidency.
Pope Shenouda III said it is natural for a President to belong to the religion of the majority, and it would be rather a “joke” should a Copt run for President. He added that expatriate Copts form no political party and a few of them are extremists.
Dr. Muhammad Habīb, the deputy Murshid of the Muslim Brotherhood, has denied reports of a deal between the banned group and the government.
Pope Shenouda III, the Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, denied that a Copt would run for the presidential post in the coming elections after the amendment of article 76 of the constitution.
The Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Stuart Jones, said that the United States is calling on Egypt to play a leading role in the Middle East by opening its forthcoming elections to international observers who can guarantee the transparency of the election process.
The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood denied it had called for civil disobedience to prevent President Husnī Mubārak from running in the elections next September.
The suspended priest Filopātīr Jamīl, pastor of the Virgin Mary Church, is claiming that his suspension was a result of his membership of al-Ghad political party and his support for al-Ghad’s leader, Ayman Nour, in the presidential elections.
Muslim Brotherhood’s First Deputy, Dr. Muhammad Habîb, stormed out of the media conference held at the Irshād [Guidance] office last Wednesday after Dr. Nu‘mān Jumca evaded many questions about his stance on the establishment of a Muslim Brotherhood political party.
Long before the elections begin, various organizations are in a hectic race to win the dollars of foreign funding made available to monitor the forthcoming elections. Sa’cd al-Dīn Ibrāhīm has struck gold securing 10 million dollars in Canadian-European-US funding.
The committee supervising the presidential election - the first of its kind since the regime took over in Egypt on July 23, 1952 – has announced that they will start receiving applications for nominations for the presidential post on July 24.
Muhammad al-Mu‘tasim writes about the possibility of a Christian being elected as president.
The author deals with the recent troubles between the authorities and the judges amidst protests by judges concerning rigging of the parliamentary elections.
During a lengthy interview, Pope Shenouda discusses Coptic identity and history, the Palestinian question, the churches support of President Mubārak in the upcoming elections, the issue of national unity in Egypt and much more.
Muslim Brotherhood group has stirred up a storm of controversy in the Egyptian street over its future form of relationship with the incumbent political parties.
Discussing the future of the Muslim Brotherhood group is a very thorny issue. The tricks they played during the presidential elections on many political parties make it clear that they should never be trusted.
The low turn-out rate, of only 23 percent in the first multi-candidate presidential elections in Egypt reflect poorly on the popularity and legitimacy of the ruling party.
The head of the Protestant community council in Egypt denies pressurizing Evangelicals to vote for Mubārak.
Father Filopātīr has resigned from the Ghad Party, stating that Ayman Nour’s political platform would impinge on the security of the nation, since he promised the immediate release of all political detainees, including those detained for religion-related issues and he would allow the Muslim...
The Egyptians are divided into two camps: one that is always angry and another that is always silent. Equilibrium is needed to create more positive progress within Egypt.
Muhammad Habīb, the Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy murshid [guide], who had previously been reported as saying that Ayman Nour, the leader and presidential candidate of the Ghad Party, was “the closest figure to the Brotherhood”, claims that his words were twisted. He also referred to ‘secret...


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