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Bishop Yuānnis speaks about the church in the modern age, arguing that though some laws do need to be updated, there is a general failure to recognize the positive aspects of the church’s laws, in particular those forbidding divorce. He also denies claims that the leading religious authorities are...
The era of President Husnī Mubārak has witnessed some kind of balanced relations in a way that was not available in the previous one.
Following Wednesday’s presidential elections, debate has emerged over the bargains and deals that took place among Egypt’s different political parties.
The Muslim Brotherhood has declared its participation in Wednesday’s presidential elections, but divisions are growing over which candidate to support.
Contrary to all expectations, three U.S. centers, concerned with international election monitoring and financed by the U.S. Congress, played a vital role in Wednesday’s presidential elections.
Pope Shenouda’s statements of support to President Husnī Mubārak have provoked the anger of many Coptic figures. Jamāl As‘ad has voiced trenchant criticism of the Pope’s stance and has denounced the pledge of allegiance to the incumbent president in the name of all Copts.
Author: Leader of the opposition Wafd Party and candidate for presidency, Dr. Nu‘mān Jumca, met yesterday with Muslim Brotherhood leaders, but did not manage to secure their support in the upcoming presidential elections, scheduled for next Wednesday.
Four foreigners and an Egyptian are supervising a free publication on the presidential elections.
The change in status amongst the Islamic groups is particularly noticeable by the change in the Muslim Brotherhood’s attitude towards the presidential elections.
Four men are standing at the edge of an era. Each is preparing himself for his eighth decade. On September 7, the day set for the presidential elections, they will all find themselves facing a new world with which they are not ready to engage.


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