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Coptic Orthodox churches in Canada and eastern America have expressed their support for the National Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate Husnī Mubārak in the forthcoming presidential elections.
Majd ī Khal īl examines ten factors that he believes will determine Copts’ choice of candidate in the upcoming elections.
Everyone is now busy trying to predict how religious Muslims and Christians would choose a presidential candidate, and whether their choice would be based on religious or political criteria. Some religious institutions have already declared their support for President Mub ārak.
‘Adlī Abādīr has been a prominent figure on the Egyptian political scene in recent years. He is known for his extreme approach to political issues and many have accused him of inciting sectarianism in his speeches.
George Ishāq, coordinator for the Egyptian Movement for Change (Kifāya), calls Egypt’s presidential elections on September 7 a day of rebirth for the movement.
‘Adl ī Ab ād īr’s reputation has been discredited after he failed to nominate himself for the presidency, despite his promise to stand, made during an earlier announcement in Switzerland.
The suspension of a parish priest by the Archbishopric of J īza has caused controversy in the church. His reason for suspending Father Filop āt īr are unclear, but according to Filop āt īr himself, he was suspended for joining the Ghad party.
Max Michel has recently claimed that President Muhammad Husn ī Mub ārak personally supports the independent church that he has set up.
On July 13, Pope Shenouda III, the Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, called for a meeting of Archbishops to agree on the decision to issue a statement demanding that President Husnī Mubārak run in the forthcoming presidential elections.
Unless the law banning religious parties in Egypt is annulled, we shall never get an answer to this question. But, for the sake of argument, Egyptians should pose the question, for indeed, the Brotherhood seems quite confident that they would win, were they allowed to participate in the election.


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