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“The National Council for Human Rights is to have an active role during the upcoming presidential elections through an operating room that is mainly concerned with receiving complaints about any transgressions in the voting process,” Mukhlis Qutb, secretary general of the council, said in an...
The National Council for Human Rights is now fully prepared to observe the upcoming presidential and legislative elections. A working group has set up a committee to prepare the final report on the elections.
“Egyptian presidential elections will be free and fair,” Prime Minister Dr. Ahmad Nazīf said in an interview with CNN. He added that Egypt’s judicial system can handle the elections and that international mass media and civil society organizations will observe proceedings.
The statement issued by the church in support of the nomination of Mubārak for a new presidential term has triggered diverse reactions from Coptic commentators.
During an interview, Muhammad Mahdi ‘Ākif assured that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a political party or group, but an Islamic umbrella association. It is concerned with education, upbringing, economics, media and even athletics.
Midhat Qilādā laments the accusations of being a traitor that have been filed against him. He lists 16 reasons why he is seen as a Coptic traitor.
According to Sawt al-Umma sources, the Minister of Information, Anas al-Fiqī, stated in a closed meeting with some of his assistants that they are about to present a new TV preacher who is capable of attracting a wide ranging audience. In fact, Al-Fiqī’s words reveal the Egyptian political...
Mr. President; peace be upon you, may God offer you the love and trust of your people. I am a 77-year-old Coptic journalist. I have spent most of my life reading and pursuing actions and events in order to find the right way to lead a prosperous future in a world full of problems and struggles. I...
Those who claim popular leadership and are preparing to impact the results of the coming presidential elections are protagonists of imported democracy. They are not welcome by the Egyptian people who reject foreign intervention in their political affairs.
Everyone in politics is talking about the expected announcement that the Wafd party and the Muslim Brotherhood will unite in boycotting presidential elections and organizing parliament elections.


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