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The author discusses the release of Aymān Nūr the political prisoner that has recently been released. The article debates whether or not he was released following foreign pressure and charts his political career.
The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in the elections of the Bar Association revealed their increasing political influence in Egypt following their recent victory in the parliamentary elections. The Bar association elections revealed the ruling party’s crisis, as it failed to confront the Islamic...
The reactions of the "Gama’at al-Islamiya" on the death of terrorist Farid Kedwany and his three assistants by security forces in Omrania are still flowing. There are fear Gama’at violence might return.
Some 24 million Egyptians headed to the election polls yesterday to renew their allegiance to President Mubarak for a fourth six-year term in office.
Pope Shenouda expresses his support for a fourth term in office for president Mubarak.
Youssef Sidhom, editor-in-chief of the Coptic weekly Watani shows his high regard for President Mubarak.
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