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Arguments are mounting over American researcher Dean Hamer’s recent book “The God Gene? that adopts a theory that each human being has a gene inside them responsible for the degree of their belief.
The article highlights the importance of the judiciary in Islam and how this is reflected in Islamic legislation.
Shaykh Tantāwī of the Azhar denied in an interview that the top Sunni Muslim institution is incapable of fulfilling its role, indicating that the Azhar is no longer sending a good number of teachers to Arab and Islamic countries purely for economic reasons.
The author opposes the growing presence of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in seminars and conferences as he believes they are exploiting such gatherings for their own interests.
The article reports on disputes among the Muslim Brotherhood over its stance towards the judges’ crisis and the idea of establishing a political party.
The article focuses on the referral of Sawt al-Umma journalists to the criminal court over accusations that they slandered judges by publishing a so-called black list of judges involved in rigging the last parliamentary elections.
The review highlights the Muslim Brotherhood’s position during the judges crisis that has recently gripped the nation, amidst accusations that the outlawed group is trying to take advantage of the crisis to escalate its confrontation with the regime.
In his article, Ahmad Ayyoub discusses the upcoming session of the judges trial, the surrounding circumstances and the possible scenarios of the trial.
Thousands of Egyptian riot police were deployed in central Cairo Thursday in an attempt to quell demonstrations and disperse opposition supporters, who took to the streets in support of the judges’ demands for the independence of the judiciary. Demonstrators were beaten up, streets and metro...
The author is disappointed at the second report of the National Council for Human Rights’ (NCHR) on human rights issues in Egypt, stating that the calm, complacent tone of the report aroused wide distrust, and that the council has begun to lean towards the government’s inclinations.
A US delegation of journalists and media representatives has paid secret visits "“ upon the Americans’ request "“ to the headquarters of al-Misrī al-Yawm and met with Muslim Brotherhood member ‘Isām al-‘Iryān and Ibn Khaldoun Center chief Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm.
The author deals with the recent troubles between the authorities and the judges amidst protests by judges concerning rigging of the parliamentary elections.
Former members of the Muslim Brotherhood declare in October magazine that the restricted group is politically malicious; they make use of critical cases to achieve their goals.
US biologist Dean H. Hamer tries in his book The God Gene to focus on the issue of how faith is linked to our genes as he alleges that there are some genes responsible for man’s interest in spiritual aspects.
Among the many examples of social hypocrisy and trade manipulating religion, a striking new phenomenon can now be added. Newspapers have become abundant with strange advertisements for maids. The companies that advertise available maids are described as “Islamic”. They make ‘pious’ Muslim maids...
People’s attraction to religion is not only due to fear of death or any other single motive. According to a new psychological theory about religion, there are 16 psychological needs that motivate people to search for a certain meaning in religion. This theory was constructed by Steven Reis,...
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