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The hopes and expectations for Mubarak’s coming period of presidency are summarized by a well known Christian columnist.
Thousands of angry pro-democracy students threatened to take their protest to the streets of the capital on Sunday their demands were not met. Their demands included the execution of the hardline police chief, who reports to Iran’s dominant clergy. Moderate President Mohammed Khatami now faces...
The author discusses globalization and its impact on the Islamic world and suggests that rather than being fearful on the one hand, or fully accepting new trends uncritically on the other hand, Muslims should make the most of the new economic, political and cultural opportunities that globalization...
The well-known director of the Ibn Khaldoun Institute sees the government has taken a few positive steps to improve the situation of the Copts.
The Arab Strategic Report issued last week by the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies argues that religion has little to do with the problems faced by Copts. Weak democratic institutions and human rights violations are the main reasons behind the problems faced by all Egyptians, be...
Counselor Ma’moun el-Hudeiby, the spokesman of the Muslim Brothers assured that they are not responsible for those who dissociated themselves from the group. He assured that the Muslim Brothers refuses violence. He called the government not to return violence with violence. An interview.
The Copts of Britain express their agreement and willingness to participate in the meeting of the wise.


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