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Dr. ʿIssām Aḥmad al-Bashīr, prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, was asked in an interview about the nature of the nation-state in Islam.  Is it religious or civil?  He responded saying, “The nation-state in Islam is civil with Islamic authority as Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī says...
Dr. Muhammad Dawūd, Islamic thinker and professor at the Suez Canal university, stated that the people will choose the ‘strong trusted one’ in the coming forthcoming presidential elections.
Egypt’s parliamentarians stood up against the calls for equality of inheritance between men and women, stressing that there are plans aimed at changing the identity of Egyptian society, and these voices are only tools for those who plan on this scheme abroad.
Columnist Aḥmad 'Abd al-Rabu wrote in an opinion article published by al- Shurūq about the ranking of Muslim Countries in the Democracy Index, attempting at highlighting the reasons behind the declination of freedoms in those countries and whether it is secular authoritarian or Islamist regimes...
CH: We received this document from the Azhar through Dr. Nagia Abdelmoghney Said. The Azhar document is dated June 19, 2011. It was referred to in a recent meeting with Yousef Sidhom, editor-in-chief of Watani, and several others. It thus is an important document to refer to.  
The Muslim Brotherhood’s role in Egyptian political life continues to be discussed in Egyptian media after the file of their alleged military activities was referred to the State Security apparatus.
Muslim people and intellectuals refuse to accuse Islam of being an authoritarian religion.
This essay discusses the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He says that the Muslim Brotherhood leaders lack profound vision for the problem of merging with a democratic system.
Hafīz Sa‘d writes about a recent document entitled ‘Al-Ikhwān wa-al-Dīmūqrātīyah’ [Reviewer: Muslim Brotherhood and democracy], written by Dr. Mahmūd Ghazlān, a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s executive office who is also known as the number three man in the group’s leadership...
SAT7 is also only concerned with broadcasting Christian material, but a number of famous Coptic artists have refused to have any relation whatsoever with the channel.


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