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Dr. Sa’ad Al-Din Ibrahim of the Ibn Khaldoun Center accuses Egyptian authorities of carelessness and considers himself the only one who cares, in the opinion of Rose El-Youssef. Gamal As’ad says: Egypt is not in need for these suspected syllabuses. This article contain excerpts from the many...
The Ibn Khaldoun Center is accused to take every opportunity to speak about the existence of a minority in Egypt. The author of the article, obviously, doesn’t believe the Copts are a minority. It points to the fact that the Ibn Khaldoun Center receives much financing from abroad.
Hassan "Karatiya" Sultan is still in Imbaba - but this time he is no longer wearing his galabeyya, opting instead for more western-style jeans and a clean shave. It has been a while since the television cameras came down to this neck of Imbaba, Cairo, to hear Sultan tell the story of his turnaround...
The well-known director of the Ibn Khaldoun Institute sees the government has taken a few positive steps to improve the situation of the Copts.
The human rights record of the American police force reveals the hypocrisy of the American system.
The nationalist-Islamist mind starts with denying the existence of a problem in the first place. It then compares the problem to larger problems in order to make it seem less. Adel Hussein, the secretary general of the Labor Party, used all these methods in his debate with Saad Al-Din Ibrahim,...
The writer believes that although Copts are a minority, they are not necessarily persecuted.
The Ibn Khaldoun Center headed by Dr. Saad el din Ibrahim has again instigated widespread rumors after conducting a poll asking Egyptians about their loyalties.


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