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Representative Karīm Darwīsh, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives, received Armenia's Ambassador to Cairo, Karen Krikorian, on Wednesday.
The article gives a brief overview of the history of Armenians in Egypt, who have been living as minorities for hundreds of years. It also shows some aspects of their social life.
The Armenian press in Egypt now is an Egyptian press in Armenian language. It does not represent a sectarian division and gives priority to Egyptian news followed by Armenian news.
The Armenian community has had a long presence in Egypt which dates back to the early thirteenth century. In an attempt to escape the persecution of the Ottoman Empire, Armenians left their homes in Aleppo and Jerusalem and sought refuge in a number of countries including Egypt. Metropolitan...
The first Armenian consulate in the Middle East was inaugurated in Egypt in 1996 with the aim of beefing up cultural and social cooperation and encouraging joint ventures in the field of transport, communications and tourism.
The Turkish ambassador to Cairo comments on the Armenian’s claims of being persecuted by the Ottaman Empire. He said while the Ottoman Empire was collapsing, the West wanted Turkey to wrongly admit it had persecuted Christian minorities. They also urged the Christian minorities to seek their...
Sidhom discussed a few months ago the subject of establishing a section for Coptic studies in the Egyptian university to teach Coptic language, Coptic history, and Coptic civilization because this is considered an important part of Egypt’s history and present too. The discussion was reopened in...
The Armenians may stand out as a good example of Egypt’s diverse and harmonious cultural mosaic. Despite their integration into Egyptian society, the Armenians have been keen to preserve their cultural identity.
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