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On 28th June, the summer school group took an excursion to Sekem farm, an organic farm in the Egyptian desert, around 60km North East of Cairo. The students were there to discover the Sekem ethos, sustainable development with a holistic approach, and experience the living and learning intercultural...
Ambassador Bassām Rāḍī, official spokesperson for the Office of the President, said that Egypt welcomes the White House statement regarding the ongoing negotiations on the Renaissance Dam.
Oil fell on Monday, September 30th and China’s economic outlook remained weak even after factoring in improvements in manufacturing data, a result of the ongoing trade war between China and the United States which weighs heavily on demand growth in the world’s largest crude oil importer.
The African Dream Foundation 2063 announced the launching of the Egyptian-African Investment Forum, headed by Muhammad Saad Eddin, one of the continent's leading investors in the field of energy.
The leaders of the protesters in Sudan decided on Sunday not to recognize the Transitional Military Council and to reinforce the demonstrations. The Sudanese workers' union, which leads the protest movement in the country, announced on Sunday the suspension of negotiations with the junta since...
Under the theme “We are all with you” the Goethe-Institute, in collaboration with the “ʿAyn al-Samaka” cinematic cultural initiative, will host its event tomorrow, in Cairo at 5 pm.  
Dr. Rāniyyā al-Mashāṭ, the Minister of Tourism, visited the ‘Queens of Egypt’ an exhibition by National Geographic. This exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Egyptian Museum in Turin, the Montreal Museum of Antiquities and the Egyptian Embassy in Washington. This came as a part of her...
The Independent High Authority for Elections in Tunisia announced that more than seven million voters have registered their names in since 2011 to vote in the parliamentary election and the next presidential election.
Today, The Board of Directors of the Jordanian Businessmen Association (JBA) explored with the Egyptian Ambassador to Jordan, Sharīf Kāmil, different means of strengthening economic cooperation between Egypt and Jordan and developing their trade initiatives.   
Political and social theorist Sir Isaiah Berlin famously compared nationalism to a ‘bent twig’, ‘forced down so severely that when released, it lashed back wit


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