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I am one of thousands of Christians peacefully living in Egypt with their Muslim brothers. In the village where I grew up and at the school where I received my education, I never felt the differences between Muslims and Christians. However, after graduation when I was looking for a job, I started...
An article about the role of Copts in the Wafd Party which led the struggle for independence from the British.
A Coptic researcher said he read the lectures and sayings of Pope Shenouda and confirms that Pope Shenouda is against the illusion of the Coptic nationality.
The war of words continues; the Muslim Brotherhood accuses the church of being a political party since the Egyptian government prohibits the formation of religious political parties which prevents the Muslim Brotherhood to run for Parliament. Mamduh Nakhlah, a young Coptic lawyer trying to...
The Copts of Britain express their agreement and willingness to participate in the meeting of the wise.
88 new members of the Shura (consultative) council were elected and 47 members appointed. Among the newly appointed members were three prominent Coptic businessmen. This raised to nine the number of Copts in the Council and to nearly 40 the number of businessmen.
A discussion of whether or not it is necessary or acceptable to have an Islamic party.
A profile of Rafiq Habib, a Christian member in the Islamist Wasat party.
Because of the attack of Selim Naguib, the RNSAW included the full text of the Report of the Council of Churches which concludes "It does not appear that the national government condones any acts of persecution of the Christian minority in Egypt." But " This is not to say that there is no...
The arguments against establishing a Christian party.


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