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Dr. Rev. André Zakī, head of the Coptic Evangelical Church of Egypt, stressed that the Copts of Egypt unanimously reject all forms of foreign interference in Egypt's internal affairs, despite the events Copts were subjected to, following the dispersal of the Rabʿa sit-in, in August 2013.  
In his interview with Al-Waṭan, Anbā  Bimen, Bishop of Naqādah and Qūs in Qena and the official on charge of the Crisis Management Committee of the Orthodox Church as well as the ecclesial relations between Egypt and Ethiopia, is celebrating his 25th anniversary of ordination in the next month. He...
The Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs, Nabīlah Makram, concluded her visit to Los Angeles, and met with members of the Egyptian community.
Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and the Patriarch of the Saint Mark , said  that the Coptic Orthodox Church has cordially welcome the historic visit of the Saudi King, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salmān bin ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz Āl Saʿūd.
Constitutional expert, Dr. Muhammad Nūr Farahāt, said that the votes Muslim Brotherhood followers and the Copts will cast in the upcoming presidential elections 2018 will play a crucial role in determining Egypt’s future ruler, commenting on talks over potential candidates.  According to Farahāt,...
Egyptian MP `Abd Al-Rahīm `Ali praised the Egyptian Church for  its positive and effective cooperation with all of the African countries in general and with the Nile Basin countries in particular. 
Media Presenter, Majdi Tantāwi, said that he supports the statement disclosed by Dr. `Amrū al-Shubāki regarding what Copts endure in Egypt. 
Ambassador Nabīlah Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs, dismissed the reports about the status of Copts in Egypt as “incorrect”. Makram said that some parties raise these issues for personal interests.
Pope Tawadros warned of threats to the Egyptian state and its three representative pillars – the Azhar, the Church and the judiciary.  He called for the intensification of efforts to promote positive work, rather than mere distractions and small issues which are not worthy of being pursued. He said...
Anba Sarabamon al-Shāyeb, head of All Saints Monastery in the village of al-Ṭūd of Luxor, criticized priests who support the electoral campaigns of parliamentary candidates, stressing that all religious clerics should not be involved in politics.


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