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 The author comments on a story published in al-Dustūr on August 3 reporting a meeting held between sufi shaykhs, a representative of the U.S. Administration, and a representative of the State Security aimed at a means of coordination between the sūfī methods in Egypt and the U.S. Administration to...
During Obama’s meeting with President Mubarak, Copts protested the situation of Christians in Egypt. Demonstrators held banners with slogans such as "Mubarak: Make peace at home first…No more gross injustice towards Copts" and "Stop forcing Coptic girls into Islam". Some believe that Mubarak was...
Mufīd Shihāb discusses human rights conditions in Egypt with the assistant of the American Secretary of State for Democracy and Human Rights Affairs. .
The article reviews Nadir Fawzī’s advocacy of the Coptic demonstration in front of the White House and the meeting of six Copts in Canada with Bishop Yu’annis.
The author reports on Father Marqus ‘Azīz, priest of the Hanging Church, his extreme stances and his attacks against the state and Muslims of Egypt.
The article deals with the reference Barack Obama made to Copts in his historic speech in Cairo.
Most Egyptians look forward to better relations with America after Obama’s visit, but visit preparations and certain aspects of security were excessive.
This issue presents a number of interesting articles on cases of sedition on Egypt, further commentary on the speech of President Obama, and the recent ongoings in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Sidhum writes about Obama’s speech in Cairo and the massive media coverage of the speech but believes that even though Obama is a new character on the scene it is still the old American interests that will continue to govern the new American policy.
Najīb Jibrā’īl writes a letter to President Obama and representatives of 12 Coptic organizations sign the letter.


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